Custom Furniture Reupholstery Services 
for Long Island, NY

Has there been a vintage chair passed down through your family that is in need of a new seat cushion? Did you just redecorate your living room and your fairly new sofa now doesn't match? Is your couch the definition of comfortable but there's a sizable tear in the cushion? No matter what the reason, Textile Mill End Shop is the place to go for furniture reupholstery services in the Long Island, NY area.

Furniture upholstery is a great option for pieces that are still in good condition, but don't have the looks to play the part. By updating the fabric on any piece of furniture, you are breathing new life into it, whether it was because it was torn and worn or you were aiming for a different color scheme. Each member of our staff is dedicated to their craft and to your 100% satisfaction with the final results of our workmanship. Our promise to you, our customer, is that we will work very close with you to ensure that we not only meet your desired results and we will also strive to exceed your expectations. Our customers insist on only the very best services, that is why they trust us with their irreplaceable possessions. Your furniture will look brand new as if it was just off the factory line. At Textile Mill End Shop, we possess the tools and knowledge to offer furniture upholstery that will wow you and your guests. 

Call now to start your next furniture reupholstery project!

Whether it's a chair, sofa, headboard, or any other type of furniture you possess, the Textile Mill End Shop is the place to visit in Long Island, NY for furniture reupholstery services. No matter how simple or complex, we can get the job done right and provide you with a piece of furniture that looks brand new. For more information about furniture reupholstery, contact us today!
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