hunter douglas logoWindows do more than just let in light and offer a view. They’re also where a home can lose up to 50% of its heating and cooling energy. Great products start with great design, Well-designed window treatments do more than simply cover a window.

Choosing Your Product:

Dressing windows artfully and bringing light into a room beautifully can be done in many ways.
Sheer and shading are one approach to controlling light; shutters and blinds quite another.
Soft folds offer a softer look, while crisp pleats feel more contemporary.

Consider, too, how you live in a room and how important privacy is to you.
Then factor in your personal aesthetic; from sleek and contemporary to rich and traditional.
You will find that whatever you desire, we have styles for every taste, every room, every moment.

Form and function are inseparable great design is beautiful to live with, provides variable light control, insulates rooms against heat and cold saves energy, protects furnishings from damaging UV rays and improves the acoustics in a room.

Textile Mill End Shop carries the full line of Hunter Douglas products, offering many energy-efficient styles available in a range of insulation levels. These products let you create inviting environments regardless of the season.

Whether it’s reducing heat loss in the winter or solar heat gain in the summer, Hunter Douglas window treatments are designed with remarkable insulating properties that can lower your energy consumption and save you money.

Window fashion are engineered to do much more than just dress your window. Their innovative design yields energy savings making them a smart investment for your home or office.

When faced with an unusual shaped window or door Hunter Douglas has a wide selection of products that enhance the beauty of your angled windows, whether the shades are opened or closed. Endless configurations and angles are available in Duette Honeycomb shades, Pirouette and Silhouette window shades, Vignette, Modern Roman Shades and Parkland Wood Blinds offering many attractive options.

Sheers and Shading

Room with custom sheers and shadingTurn harsh rays into soft ambient light with these beautiful, light-transforming products.
Achieve the perfect light control with elite operating systems.
Provide UV protection and reflect solar heat.
Preserve outside views while offering daytime privacy.
Optimal view-through—Silhouette ClearView™ shadings provide superb view-through with specialized front and rear sheers.
Reflect solar heat—Exterior sheer reflects the sun’s heat helping to keep inside temperatures comfortable.
Alleviates moiré effect—Patented anti-moiré fabric technology ensures a clearer outside view.
Selection—A wide selection of colors, fabrics, opacities and vane sizes are perfect for any décor.
Specialty shapes—An extensive variety of angles, arches, shapes and sizes to fit nearly any window.
Versatile opacities—Duolite® and A Deux™ shadings provide translucent and room-darkening capabilities all in one product.
Ease of operation—A wide range of proprietary operating systems.
Child safety—Operating systems available that offer enhanced safety in homes with young children and pets.

Honeycomb Shades

honeycomb shades
Smart design in crisp, neat pleats.
Honeycomb construction creates air pockets where light meets color.
Raising and lowering from top or bottom to suit the day and your activities,
our Duette® Honeycomb shades are attractive, classic choice available
in an impressive range of fabric, pleat sizes, color and texture.

Roman Shades

Kitchen with roman shades
Always a stylish look, theses shades come in soft, supple fabric and several fold styles.
Customized through pattern and texture.
Expertly crafted to order, these soft Roman shades offer elegant window coverings in
exquisite fabrics—from sophisticated designs, texture and stripes to solids,
in blends of cotton, linen, silks and synthetics.

Roller and Screen Shades

Dining area with Rollers and Screens
These offer a simplified, classic look that works for any room in your home or office.
With many options from sheer to opaque, floral patterns to solid color.

Sophisticated and uncomplicated. Our designer roller shades are loved for
their clean appearance and versatility in applications throughout the home.

Choose from the largest most comprehensive fabric collection on the market in
a variety of design options. Most fabric styles are also offered as Skyline®
gliding window panels, so you can keep your look consistent
from vertical to horizontal windows.

All of our exclusive operating systems are available on Designer Roller Shades.

Woven Wood Shades

Collection of woven wood shades
Unique Texture Only Mother Nature Could Provide

Natural warmth and beauty, crafted from natural woods, reeds, bamboo and grasses.
Provenance® woven wood shades lend natural beauty and light transformation to your decor.
Decorative edge banding and style options for valances let you easily create tasteful,
custom window fashions.

Thoughtful design elements include a modern head rail that
offers great versatility in light control and shade operation and vertical drapery options.

Woven Wood Shades

Room with custom woven wood shades
Provenance® woven wood shades bring an organic style to your home or office.
The handcrafted natural materials are artistically woven together to create a
design story of light, texture and color for every window.

Woven Wood Shades

Room with custom woven wood shadesVertical Drapery

Patented dual—channel, single track design provides smooth functionality for
the fabric folds while maintaining a sleek, minimal profile

Woven Wood Shades

Kitchen with woven wood shades
The natural beauty of woven wood shades adds a richness to a sleek contemporary kitchen.

Hardwood Shutters

Foyer with hardwood shutters
Pewter Heirloom Distressed finish with a 3.5″ louver and a classic z-frame

The simple elegance of rich, hardwood shutters give a lift to any room.
Now, the maximum strength and durability of our Heritage® Hardwood Shutter
make them a wise investment in many ways.

They feature dovetail construction and a vast selection of frame choices,
specialty shapes and louver sizes—and a variety of paint and stain finishes,
as well as custom colors. Also available in
six handcrafted Series Techniques to enhance the inherent character and
color of the genuine hardwood.

Shutter-Heritage Finishes

Closeup of 9 Shutter FinishesSalt and Pepper—Glaze, Artic
Pecan—Glaze, Cocoa
Espresso—Glaze, Ebony
Wheat—Glaze, Artic
Mission Oak—Glaze, Cocoa
Red Mahogany—Glaze, Ebony
Pickle—Glaze, Artic
Goldennod—Glaze, Cocoa
Pewter—Glaze, Ebony