Reupholstery can restore a treasured heirloom or add new life to an estate sale find. From total reconstruction to a simple facelift, our family owned business strives to assist you in realizing your vision for your home. Customize your style and comfort to your existing decor. Spend less and gain so much more with custom pinned slipcovers and reupholstery. Mill End Shop has an endless supply of fabric at your fingertips so your possibilities are endless. Explore our warehouse for ready to purchase fabric at below wholesale prices.

If you are unable to find the perfect fabric in our warehouse, you will find the perfect look in our designer showroom. When Reupholstery is not an option Slipcovers can be the answer. They are handcrafted to your furniture to assure the exact look and fit you want..Slip resistant backing is added to all slipcovers to assure a clean and professional job.

Chair Reupholstery

Chair before re-upholstery

Chair After re-upholsteryNo mater the style or age of your furniture reupholstering will give new life to a family heirloom or an old favorite.

Before, a traditional fabric chair with dark wood frame …
NOW, a transitional piece with dramatic durable fabric and light frame, gives this piece the contrast for maximum impact.

Sofa Reupholstery

Saggy Faded Sofa with Scratched FrameSofa after re-upholstery

A Saggy faded sofa with scratched wood frame

Adding foam replacement not only adds beauty, but you select the level of firmness.
Now a rich velvet fabric and freshly stained frame, puts this sofa in a league by itself.
Foam replacement restores shape and functionality to a forgotten sofa.


Slip Cover Chair BeforeSlip cover chair after

Slipcovers are another alternative to reupholstering.
When your furniture has good bones, slipcovers can be a cost effective upgrade.
Our custom slipcovers can be made in a variety of fits, from the upholstered look to a shabby-sheik look.
Today’s Slipcovers are not made the old fashion way “BOXY”.
We follow the contour of your furniture to give you the look, feel and finish of brand new furniture.

Fabric selection is a big part of the slipcover process.
Our Mill Ends Design Professionals will help you select the perfect fabric to enhance your furniture and style.
Walk through the huge inventory of high quality fabrics along with a design professional that can guide you in the selection process. We maintain a huge inventory that is continually growing and changing, from the highest quality manufacturers, all at significant savings.
If you do not see what you are looking for our designer showroom has everything to fulfill your needs. From casual elegance to urban opulence and everything in between. We have the perfect fabric for any project.

Live a greener life, use what you have.
Chances are your existing chair or sofa is made with a superior frame than what you can purchase today.

Front of Slip cover chair after re-upholsteryBack of Slip cover chair after re-upholstery

Upholstered Headboard

Urban style upholstered bed frameInvest in the beauty and tranquility for your personal space.
A bedroom needs to be your escape from the outside noise and confusion.
This bedroom creates the perfect harmony using soft tones of gray and white.

Coordinating Head/Footboard with Curtains and Pillows.

Decorative Nail Heads

Before picture of chair without nail head accentsAfter picture of chair with nail head accentsAdding Decorative Nail Heads:
Nail heads can be used to reinforce the traditional lines of classic pieces.
They can also be used to add an edgy look for Urban or Contemporary furnishings.

Detailed nail heads on chairDetail